Fresh-Cut Fall Flowers and Delicious Fall and Pumpkin Desserts at Magnolia Bakery

The Fall season has arrived at Magnolia Bakery on Columbus Avenue at 69th street. Not only will you find a host of new Pumpkin and Fall-oriented desserts, but the bakery is decorated with fresh-cut flowers to match.

Among the many delicious Pumpkin dessert options are:
Pumpkin spice cake
Pumpkin pecan cupcakes with maple cream cheese icing
Pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap pecan crust
Pumpkin spice whoopie pie with maple cream cheese icing
Traditional pumpkin pie
Pumpkin chocolate brownies
Pumpkin muffins.

A pumpkin-lovers dream!

For the pie-lovers, try other traditional Fall delicacies like double crust apple pie, apple crumb, pecan or black bottom pecan pie.

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