Pinkberry Adds Peanut Butter As New Seasonal Frozen Yogurt Flavor

Pinkberry: 2041 Broadway between 70th and 71st

Pinkberry recently launched Peanut Butter as the new seasonal flavor. It is being promoted as PB+J with a recommendation to order it topped with organic strawberry jam and toasted breadcrumbs.

I tried it without toppings and thought it was delicious and extremely creamy. The one downside is it tastes very salty, so I was not surprised to learn that it has 150 mg of sodium per serving versus most of the other flavors which have 45 mg (except chocolate which has 110 mg). The Peanut Butter flavor also has the highest calorie count with 170 calories for a 1/2 cup (100g), but much of that increase comes from the fact that it contains real peanut butter. It also has the highest amount of fat and protein — again due to the peanut butter. Check out the Pinkberry website for more details on the nutritional information of all the flavors. The Peanut Butter ingredients are as follows:

Nonfat milk, sugar, peanut butter (peanuts, sugar, peanut oil, salt), cultured pasteurized nonfat milk with live and active cultures, contains less than 2%: cultured nonfat milk powder, fructose, dextrose, natural flavors, citric acid, guar gum, maltodextrin, mono- and diglycerides, starch.

Overall, Peanut Butter is a great addition to the line-up. And with the popularity of PB+J among Americans of all ages, it’s sure to be a success. Perhaps it will be converted to a permanent flavor? What do you think?

The closest locations to my five blocks are 2041 Broadway, between 70th and 71st st. and 313 Columbus Ave between 74th and 75th st.

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1 Response to Pinkberry Adds Peanut Butter As New Seasonal Frozen Yogurt Flavor

  1. Brad Crystal says:

    Can’t wait to try it!

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