Halloween Cupcakes and Decorations at Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery in my five blocks is decked out for Halloween. A variety of Halloween-themed cupcakes are available for $3.50. They are decorated in festive colors with spiders, skulls, ghosts, grave stones and more. You can also special order your own cupcake design or a Halloween Cake. The cakes come in 3 layer 6″ ($32) or 2 layer 9″ ($42) Vanilla or chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream in festive Halloween colors.

The bakery — located on Columbus Ave at 69th street — is full of Halloween decorations too. Spiders hang from the walls; A graveyard mummy watches over the cookie section; and Happy Halloween signs hang from the ceiling. There’s even a skull on the table with the coffee condiments and plastic forks/spoons. It’s worth checking out and especially fun for kids.


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