Steve Guttenberg: Not just another handsome, talented actor….a friendly, neighborhood guy and the “mayor” of my five blocks.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Steve Guttenberg, since we live in the same building on the upper west side. You may know the actor from among other things the “Three Men and a Baby” movie franchise, “Cocoon” and “Police Academy” or his fame on the live stage. Currently, he is starring on Broadway in Woody Allen’s “Relatively Speaking,” a play comprised of three one-act comedies. Plus, he received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last month.

But within my five blocks, Steve is a fun-loving, friendly neighbor who runs in the park, takes yoga at Reebok, rides his bike around the upper west side and is personable to everyone. It’s hard to walk more than a few blocks without him knowing and shaking someone’s hand. And his charming, boyish good looks and smile leave everyone feeling terrific. I see him quite often, but we did yoga together the other day, after which he treated me to lunch at Reebok. Several people came up during lunch for a quick greeting.

So if you haven’t had a chance to secure a ticket to “Relatively Speaking” yet, hang around my five blocks and you’re sure to get a glimpse of Steve Guttenberg and maybe even a conversation. One more tip: there’s a good chance he will be a wearing a baseball cap….

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