NEW Vive la Crepe! Opens on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side

Vive la Crepe! has opened its fourth location in a tiny space between 68th and 69th streets on Columbus Ave. It’s a quaint setting with a few high stools and tables inside and a some tables outside as well — just in time for spring and summer. (The three other locations are all downtown on Bleeker, University Place and Spring Street.)

I was walking by and stopped in for a cappuccino. I had never heard of the place. I’d give the cappuccino a high rating and noticed they used an iPad for the transaction. It’s adorable and seems to be off to a strong start with many people checking it out.

The menu includes an array of savory and sweet crepe options, features Illy coffee and espresso drinks and healthy bottled beverages. Some crepe examples include: 1) Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil 2) Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Spinach and Capers 3) Mushrooms, Gruyère and Tomato sauce. On the sweet side, there is the simple Sugar and Butter, several types of chocolate treats including “Noir”, the dark chocolate option, and a traditional French favorite Nutella. Plus you can add “Sweet Toppings” like fresh fruit and nuts. All the ingredients looked extremely fresh.

As I had just eaten, I did not indulge in a crepe, but plan to go back. I’ve attached photos that showcase the chef in action, the menu, and the decor. Seems to be a great new neighborhood place for my five blocks.

Vive La Crepe!
189 Columbus Avenue
Ny, NY 10023

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