Le Pain Quotidien

There are Le Pain Quotidien restaurants all over Manhattan (not to mention Belgium, Paris, and Los Angeles), but there are three to choose from in my five blocks — 72nd between Columbus and Central Park West, 65th and Broadway, and the newest location as of this month, in Central Park.    Everything is organic – delicious breakfast, lunch, coffee and tea drinks, hot chocolate, pastries, and of course, lots of bread (Le Pain Quotidien means “daily bread”).   Each day features seasonal specials and a daily soup, which is always vegetarian.  This is a great place to go alone or in a group, and you are welcome to stay as long as you want.  There is a communal table in addition to the traditional private table seating.

The newest location in Central Park is perfect for the summertime…It is next to Sheep’s Meadow, very close to the 67th street Park entrance on the west side (not far from the former Tavern on the Green).   And, it has both indoor and outdoor seating, in addition to take-out.   This location has some unique items not found in the others, including takeout baguette sandwiches easily eaten on the run like you might see in Paris.  

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2 Responses to Le Pain Quotidien

  1. Brad Crystal says:

    Can’t wait to try the new Pain Quotidien in Central Park! I went to the website and it turns out they now have locations in 18 countries around the world, including Australia.

    • sebadet says:

      Thanks for the info. That’s incredible! Even with so many locations, they seem to do an excellent job remaining consistent to the brand across the locations that I’ve seen. I would love to check them out in all 18 countries!

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